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Deer-proof Vegetable Garden

Nestled into the backwoods of Redding, this vegetable garden was designed to slip right into the allotted space and to keep the deer out. 

Formal landscape with a Japanese-inspired waterfall

A Japanese-inspired waterfall is married with formal Connecticut landscape. This client loved the sound of trickling water, but also needed large scale and semi-formal plantings that would fit the style of her Colonial home.

This peaceful water feature was engineered to fit right next to the patio and was softened by aquatic plants and flowers.

Drip Irrigation

A fitting solution for Mediterranean climate watering restrictions...

This was a project that has spanned over two growing seasons (2014 - 2015), and has facilitated an easier, more sustainable watering regime for a medium-sized private vegetable garden. 

Four Season Vegetable Garden

Raised garden beds, coldframes and removable greenhouses make this garden design fitting for a tough Northeast winter. Fencing is designed to a height which will keep unwanted pests (deer) at bay.

echnical Tree Removal

The removal of this particular tree was worth documenting as it hit all of the pressure points in technical removal: proximity to the home, over a driveway and with the trunk only a few meters from the home's main underground water pipe.

Care had to be taken with every move.

Functional stone entrance

An aging structure is no place for kids. Our mission here was to convert a decrepid and un-used garage into an elegant and functional entrance.

In only 4 weeks, all materials from demolition work were recycled to build the new stone wall and steps.

igh energy efficient home

Via partnerships with Timberdale Homes, Bensonwood, and Superior Walls, this high energy efficient home in Southern Connecticut was built over the course of 9 months in 2012 - 2013.

From ground break to finish work, Yard to Table was instrumental in every aspect of the building process.

The Design Process

The design process takes place after thorough site analysis. We use an array of tools to produce the most detailed design which will accurately represent the final product.