Site Analysis and Design

The first step to having a landscape with form and function is site analysis. Whether hardscaping, softscaping or performing tree work, we will first conduct a site analysis and customer interview to focus on the needs of the land and client.

Designs are rendered by hand or on the computer and reviewed together before the installation process begins. We use an array of tools to produce the most detailed design which will accurately represent the final product.


Installing a design can be done in parts, or all at once. Grading and hardscape is done first, topsoil and fertilizers are incorporated into the soil, trees come next, and then all shrubs and smaller plants are carefully dropped in the ground.  Mulching is the final touch.

Structures that must be built for raised bed gardens and cold frames are constructed off site, then brought to your property for installation. If you haven't ever cared for herbs or vegetables before, then part of the installation process includes educating you and your family how to care for and harvest them.


Offering tree care, technical tree pruning and removal, restorative pruning, transplanting, organic fertilizing, compost tea application, weed control and seeding services. 

Plant identification

Do you have a yard full of mysterious plants and flowers?

If so, we can come on by and help you to identify trees, bushes, flowers and weeds. Knowing which plants are in your yard can ensure that you are pruning and fertilizing them correctly - and that you are aware of their value.