This was an irrigation project that was split into two years. In the summer of 2014, we were faced with the challenge of irrigating a vegetable garden used for medium scale, private production of tomatoes, peppers, onions and fruit trees. Traditional flood irrigation farming methods had been previously used, but this was to be replaced due to the farmers' age and the intensive physical strain required for moving the earth to allow for flood irrigation.

Water supply was constant, but with low pressure and without a pump. Furthermore, in Spanish climatic conditions with hot, dry summers, water shortage is not uncommon. So, drip irrigation was the solution.

The garden had been previously divided into rows and enough tubing was purchased to run down the length of each row and provide each plant with a punch-in emitter. These emitters allow for easy regulation so water flow can be reduced or augmented depending upon plant need. In the first year, the irrigation system was installed on top of the soil, and although weeds were reduced from previous years, manual weeding was still required. So, in the second year when we installed the same system in another, similar garden, black plastic was put down before planting and then all irrigation was installed on top. All irrigation system parts are detachable and could be taken in for the winter.